Beth and Blair

Beth and Blair are a super relaxed, warm and spirited couple which made them a joy to be with. Even though Blair hates having his photo taken! I’d like to take the glory for the natural results but I think he was adequately distracted by the beautiful redhead… I’m in agreement, Beth was complete photographer eye candy with her tumbling auburn hair. Beth and Blair got married at Hampton Manor, a homely country estate well suited to the spirit of this couple, where the moments with the people they love matter the most.

Megan and Tom

Epic in every way. I was lining up to photograph their wedding having seen Megan’s graphic design work. I wasn’t wrong. The day was brimming with colour, style and raucous fun. And raucous is the only way to celebrate when you’re with Tom!

Rachel and Mark

Well, this was certainly a memorable day! Partly because this garden wedding was a proper British affair and it tipped it down from 8am until 10pm non stop! But who said marriage is blues skies and plain sailing… the day was made all the better by their determination and sheer gutsiness to be unperturbed by rain and stormy skies and have a jolly good day. Their friends rallied around them and the tipi was a swell of raucous laughter and singing late into the night.

Kristen and Tim

An international crowd travelling from the Far East and USA met half way in the heart of England for a New Years Eve wedding. Kristen and Tim are ex-pats living in Beijing and flew home to Tim's home town to marry. As well as Kristen's exquisite taste and the beautiful setting at Hampton Manor, one thing I particularly enjoyed about the wedding was the continental melange. There's a palpable energy when you gather friends and family for whom the wedding is an adventure itself. 

Ros and Mark

Ros and Mark brought all their friends together at Hampton Manor for their wedding. The wedding was two days before Christmas and filled with all the magic of the season; fairy lights twinkling in an ancient church, an old English Manor decked in evergreens, fading winter rays in the gardens before retreating into the warm glow over candlelit tables. 

Kirsty and Guy

Kirsty and Guy are a couple who got the heart of their day just right. Family, being together, familiar haunts and good food was the essence of the day. It was full of warmth and super relaxed. Kirsty and Guy live opposite Clapham Common which has the vibe of a village in a city. They love it so much they wanted their portraits in all their favourite places on their high street. We all hopped onto red buses to zip us over to the Garden Museum for more feasting in the heart of London, just across the waters from Big Ben.

Nadia and Jack

Nadia and Jack know how to host a party. With long informal tables for their reception, the atmosphere and connection between the guests was palpable. When the backdrop to a wedding is the Painting Gallery in Greenwich, words should just be quiet and slip out the back door....

Rehnuma and Faraaz

This was an emotionally charged day.  In our couple's culture, tradition has it that the bride shows deep mourning at leaving her parent's household.

But this goes beyond showing tradition, the connection between Rehnuma and her mother was authentic and deeply touching. In between the tears though there was jocular festivity, with the groom parading in his car and having to push, shove and barter his way past a roped barrier and the gaggle of relatives to get to his awaiting bride.

I loved the day with its moments of quiet and reflection and the noise of joyful bravado.


Joanne and Weng-Chin

Joanne and Weng-Chin are a super sweet couple from Malaysia who were quick to burst into hearty laughter. They had their wedding at Holme Pierre Pont in Nottingham with friends and family from near and afar. Joanne has developed a deep love for the British culture and sipping tea from a Denby cup was her planned way to start the day! So the Ceildh at the end of the day was the perfect round off. I was very tickled by the dainty Chinese guests being forcefully charged around in spin of the dancing... I love guests who fully enter into the spirit of the day!